SpotOn Art Gallery

SpotOn Art Gallery was the idea of lifelong photographer and printing technician, Lenny Shishov. Originally from Moscow, Mr. Shishov studied photography and was successful in the electrical engineering field. His engineering success, and desire to make a better life for his family, afforded him the opportunity to acquire a position at a US based company, specializing in building computers for the Russian market. Although happy in the engineering field, his continued passion for photography lead him to pursue a position as a lab technician in a New York photo lab, US Laboratories. Not only was he able to utilize his photographic knowledge, but he was simultaneously educating himself about the vast array of equipment and technology that could be available to him. In 1994, after just 3 short years at US Laboratories, Mr. Shishov gained valuable knowledge and experience, worked his way up to foreman, and bought out the company. Over the next 16 years, Mr. Shishov introduced new imaging technology, transforming the company into a full-service photo lab. High resolution, large-format digital printers, scanners and PC’s were more accessible, digital cameras were emerging and giclée printing was born. Mr. Shishov embraced this technology and  his business began to evolve from a commercial photo lab into a specialty service for fine artists and photographers. His high-quality reproduction work and dedication to the craft has earned him a very respectable reputation.


The Big Idea


With a network of satisfied artists and galleries spread out around the world he began to question–“How can I better serve these artists? The artists have a great product, but limited resources to gain exposure and sales". For most artists, their primary outlet for selling the originals is a gallery or participation in fairs. Traditionally, selling reproduction of work entails a lot of upfront investment on the part of the artist–cost of rent, giclee prints, stretching and commissions to the gallery after sale is made. In addition, many artists also do not have the knowledge or resources to create an e-commerce website to sell their work. And the idea of SpotOnArt is born.


Starting with an impressive roster of world-wide artists and galleries already familiar with Mr. Shishov’s quality and reputation, he sets out to build an e-commerce site. This site will open the doors for countless artists as a viable, affordable way to sell their reproductions of the original artwork without having to house inventory, rent space, or commissions. The reproductions, still hand crafted by Mr. Shishov, means the buyer gets high-end archival-quality product without even having to leave their home to buy it. Artists can simply direct interested parties to their page on the site where buyer has their choice of size and finish of reproduction, quickly delivered and well packaged. 


The Idea Turns Into Reality


In early 2012, Lenny met local artist, Adam D. Smith. Adam was seeking a professional, local, giclée printer to produce giclées from his original oil paintings. Adam, co-owner of SevenThirteenCreative, Inc., has an extensive background in graphic design, commercial printing, photographic printing and fine art.  “I have always struggled to find a photographer that could truly capture the essence of my work let alone reproduce it with Spot-on accuracy” says Adam. “My oil painting technique of thinly layered glazes, fine brush strokes and subtle gradations can be very difficult to light and photograph. I was blown away by the quality and accuracy. Plus, Lenny did them on short order and for an amazing price. I can’t imagine working with someone else to reproduce my work.”


With mutual respect for each other’s talents and professional drive, Mr. Shishov realized he could utilize Seven Thirteen Creative to help bring his SpotOn idea to fruition. SevenThirteenCreative is an award-winning creative agency whose partners each bring 16 years of industry experience since their graduation from Syracuse University. With the design, web-development and marketing capabilities of SevenThirteenCreative and the experience, equipment and artist/gallery network of US Laboratories–we proudly present to you SpotOn Art Gallery, the ultimate on-demand giclee store for artists, by artists.