SpotOn Art Gallery

Vito M. Marrone

I have been photographing nature, both landscapes and wildlife, for nearly forty years now.  I enjoy being outdoors in the mountains – in the woods or meadows, hiking or  canoeing  with my cameras.  I've been on a personal quest to find the perfect scene and capture it on film or, now, in the digital age, on a media card.

Recently, I have begun to paint again.  In Watercolors!  I think it’s great!  It’s relaxing!  I enjoy it tremendously!  I can take one of my best photos, or a photo that has a good composition but mediocre light, draw it, and then paint it in the light I feel it should have had all along.  I can add patches of light or shadow.  I can move things around, trees,  rocks,  and animals.  I can add or eliminate them too.  It’s amazing!  It’s called artistic license. A better, cleaner composition is just...better!

Lately, I have been stuck on Yellowstone National Park.  It’s been quite a long time now, going on decades.  This will be our fourth straight year in the park.  We drive cross-country because of all the equipment we bring.  I’ve decided to stick with the Yellowstone theme and paint mostly Yellowstone scenes, at least for now.  I also have a New York  City series.  Paint what you like best, right?  I started with scenes, landscapes - trees, mountains, rocks, water, and sky.  I quickly tried wildlife.

Check it out!