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Vladimir Andreyev

   Vladimir Andreyev, Publisher, Designer, Photographer, Producer and Art Collector. Born in Sychevka a small town of in the Region of Smolensk, Russia, Vladimir has spent more than 20 years in the Show Business industry first as an Actor and later as a Producer.

  After 30 years of living in Moscow Vladimir moved to New York with his family. Once in New York Vladimir Graduated from FIT with a degree in Advertisements Design. Since then he has worked at numerous Production companies holding titles of Designer and Art Director.

   In 2005 Vladimir put together a team of Artists and Photographers -  “Art of Inspiration”. This organization has united over 120 Artist/Photographers Worldwide. In 2007 Vladimir opened his own Production Company “Andreyev’s Production, Inc.” From 2007 until the present “Andreyev’s Production, Inc.” put out more then 15 cataloges of Painters, Photographers and Poets. As a professional Photographer he has been Internationally Recognized for his contributions in the art and has participates in over 100 exhibitions worldwide.