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Adam D. Smith

Adam D. SmithAdam is a lifelong resident of Long Island, New York where the shores and surrounding landscape continue to be a constant source of inspiration. Since an early age, Adam's creativity was encouraged by his parents and grandparents whose passion for the water and boating often exposed him to breathtaking coastal and nautical scenes. Many of his earliest drawings involved sunsets, water, boats and the beach, and have always possessed an exquisite attention to detail. As he grows older, his love for landscapes continues as does his obsession with technically precise renderings and “architectural” drawings. The execution and process of the creation is just as important as the finished product. It is also important to render the subject in the most accurate way, and bring out subtleties that the viewer might not otherwise notice. Adam incorporates this way of thinking into his landscapes and other fine art. Although this obsession with accuracy is suited more towards architecture and design, he feels the discipline of fine art painting fulfills his deeper need to express his passions and creativity. Visit for more information and a complete portfolio.